Emerald Network Awards for Excellence UNI Visiting Professor Miron Mushkat

Dr. Miron Mushkat is UNI's Visiting Professor of Economics. His article entitled The Political Economy of Hong Kong's Transboundary Pollution: The Challenge of Effective Governance, published in the Journal of International Trade Law and Policy has been chosen as an Outstanding Paper Award Winner at the Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2011.

The award winning papers are chosen following consultation amongst the journal’s Editorial Team, many of whom are eminent academics or managers. Dr. Mushkat’s paper has been selected as it was one of the most impressive pieces of work the team has seen throughout 2010.

In addition to his academic affiliation with UNI, Dr Mushkat is the Adjunct Professor at the University of Hong Kong and Syracuse University. Dr. Miron Mushkat also has a very impressive business career. He has served as the Chief Economist, Managing Director, Senior Advisor to many leading international banks and financial institutions including Baring Brothers/Baring Securities (U.K.), Lehman Brothers (U.S.A.), Credit Agricole Asia Asset Management (France), Delta Asia Financial Group (China), QI Capital (Hong Kong), Faye Capital (Hong Kong) and EB Real Estate (Asia). Dr. Mushkat is also a member of some local university academic boards and government advisory bodies in Hong Kong.

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