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Krishna Kumar, UNI MBA Alumni

Krisha (K.K.) Kuman
Accountant & Company Secretary
Middle East-based firm

"The case studies, assignments, and individual and group presentations are the core strengths of the Hong Kong MBA program. The professors are also a real advantage because they impart their great many experiences in class. It was a real comfort for me to know that the MBA delivered in the US and in Hong Kong is the same.

I can recommend the UNI MBA program to anyone who is seriously looking for a broad-based MBA program offered right in Hong Kong.”

News & Events

Hopkins Receives HSBC Living Business Awards for 8 Consecutive Years

Hopkins is delighted to attend the HSBC Living Business Awards ceremony on 21st November 2016 at the HK Convention and Exhibition Center. This year we ...

Prof.Miron Mushkat - Introduction
美國北愛荷華大學(UNI)集結了許多世界級名師,名師薈萃篇 之 Prof.Miron Mushkat。
A Very Special MBA Class --- “Failing Forward”

It was a valuable experience for those who took a special course – “Failing Forward” - presented by Professor Mike Shaner from the University of Saint Louis.....

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