Stanley Chau, UNI MBA Alumni

Sales Manager
Abbott Laboratories Ltd

"The UNI MBA program is open and energetic with an American teaching style. The MBA Professors encourage us to share our experiences and voice our opinions, even when we are wrong. In one case study, Dr. Mitra, who teaches Managing Human Resources to be globally competitive, used 30 minutes to let us talk about how we analyze a situation. He encouraged us to use our own way of thinking and to share with our classmates. However, all of us used the wrong way to analyze! Dr. Mitra finally gave us the right direction and said that mistakes can help us improve. I am very impressed with this way of teaching, which I had never seen in the Hong Kong education system – spending 30 minutes listening to the wrong answers! This greatly widened my horizons. I will never forget what I learned in his class.”

News & Events

Hopkins - MBA Trivia: World Book and Copyright Day
4月23日為世界圖書與版權日(World Book and Copyright Day),於1995年由聯合國教科文組織訂立,又稱為世界閱讀日、世界讀書日等。
Hopkins Joins Sounds of Silence Project

Hopkins was one of the sponsors for the Sound of Silence Project jointly organized by the HK Police Force and HK Correctional Services. The purpose …

Hopkins MBA News: 2018 Presidential Reception in Shanghai
Extending the network! UNI MBA cocktail reception in Shanghai on July 15 following the one in Hong Kong. Stunning view from Hu’s Penthouse, great food …
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