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The PGDBA & MBA Top-up Modules

  • MBA Top-up Course
    • Students will first undertake a Research Methods component with USW to develop their understanding and skills of research in a management subject discipline. They will learn to critically review a range of research methodologies and select the most appropriate one to address a research need. It will equip students with the skills required for the practical aspects of planning, conducting and producing a Masters level work.

    • Students will then undertake the Management Project component to:
      ●  explore the principles and practice of project management in business especially when analysing a complex business problem.
      ●  evaluate selected management tools and techniques in project management and explore key consultancy skills and the ability to evaluate appropriate approaches to problem solving within a business context.
      ●  examine and critically assess the organisational dynamics that provide the context for using selected approaches to managing business projects and problem solving.
      ●  understand the necessity of true cause and effect analysis and the impact this analysis will have on cross functional and multi-organisational relationships.
      ●  be able to communicate project content in a structured and coherent manner to a variety of organisational 'clients' (this was from the content summary)

  • Leading Organisation
    • Encourage and develop your knowledge, understanding, and skills for strategic leadership of change.

    • Know the challenges faced by managers/leaders in seeking to lead through the use of strategic management, the development of managers and employees for major strategic change, and the development of a high-level organisational capacity for innovation and learning.

  • Human Capital Management
    • Develop a critical understanding of current and emerging practices in the management of human capital in organisations.

    • Enhance your abilities to increase the contribution of human capital management to long-term corporate success, whatever the specifc nature of your managerial role and the industry.

  • Financial Management
    • Have the financial tools needed to make good business decisions with an emphasis on linking corporate finance to other aspects of corporate strategy.

  • Managerial Accounting
    • Ability to critially evaluate the informational content of financial and accounting reports and their use as a tool for appraising corporate performance.

    • Develop an understanding of financial planning tools and techniques and the contribution they make to the achievement of an organisation's core objectives.

    • Be able to evaluate the results of financial models used for long-term decision making.

    • Have confidence in using financial terms and language necessary for effective senior management.

  • Managing Operations
    • Critical evaluation of the operations management philosophies of "push" and "pull".

    • Examination of the practicality of the philosophies of flexibility and agility currently being explored by many large organisations around the world.

    • Development of thinking on the manner by which organisations can gain competitive advantage from managing their operations in an innovative and strategic way.

  • Marketing Management
    • Acquire a firm understanding of the frameworks and concepts of marketing management.

    • Acquire the skills to carry out a full situation analysis and use the findings to develop objectives, formulate strategy and develop appropriate marketing plans.

  • Managing Business Strategy
    • Have an awareness of, and become familiar with, academic theories, frameworks, managerial models and techniques that contribute to business strategic planning and management.

    • Be able to critically evaluate and apply appropriate strategic models and techniques which may be relevant when considering students' own organisations' or industry strategic development.

  • Project Management
    • Examine critically the selective application of specific knowledge to project management and other knowledge to the planning and execution of projects.

    • Develop additional skills in the application of project management theory and techniques.

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