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Our Community

To fulfill our corporate social responsibility, we have participated in various community projects and voluntary work. Hear are some highlights of the events that we took part over the years:

Hopkins - The Seniors’ Day
The Senior Day is a very meaningful annual event jointly organized by Hope Worldwide and the Hong Kong Housing Authority. On the day, volunteers visit the elderly, listen to their stories, chat with them and understand their daily lives and problems to bring them some love and care. Also, "Lucky Bags" that filled with daily necessities such as rice, oil, biscuits, towels, milk powder, etc. will be given to the elderly to meet some of their needs. There are hundreds of volunteers helping in the program, and Hopkins is very glad to be among of them…..
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Hopkins Joins Sounds of Silence Project
Hopkins was one of the sponsors for the Sound of Silence Project jointly organized by the HK Police Force and HK Correctional Services. The purpose of the project was to form a circle of love and respect to help those teenagers with problems, to reform & change their values, and bring them more opportunities for their future growth…..
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Hopkins Joins Action Smart Campaign
Hopkins joined with the HK Police Force in an innovative campaign to help the elderly avoid being victims of street crimes of deception and at the same time teach them some very basic knowledge about some common Chinese medicine. The campaign was held at the Auxiliary Police Headquarters in Kowloon Bay, with around 360 senior citizens attending the event. The campaign was aimed to bring relevant crime prevention messages to the elderly. Other activities included dramatic reconstructions of typical crime scenarios…..
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News & Events

Join Hopkins to Help and Bring Hopes to the Poor and the Needy

To show cares and support to our community and the environment, whenever students at Hopkins Education Center make copies or request a recycled bag, all money received will be donated to Hope Worldwide. Also, there is a donation box at our service counter. We encourage all our students to give a small donation into the box - every bit of your support adds up! Let us show our love and care to the needy! On behalf of Hope Worldwide and those who are in need of help, we thank you for your compassion and kindness.

Hopkins - Support Worldwide HOPE Flag Day

If you visit Hopkins Center in these few days, please help buy a flag to donate money to the HOPE Worldwide Centre for Kids!HOPE Worldwide Centre for Kids in HK is located in Shek Kip Mei Housing Estate.The Centre provides support to children from low-income families.Let’s help keep the Center and its programmes running. Are you ready to give out HOPE, CARE, LOVE, and JOY to our children?

Elderly Fall Prevention Day 2016

About one-fifth of the senior population in Hong Kong falls each year. For the elderly, the consequence of falling is serious. Those seniors who fall are four times more likely to fall again. To prevent frequent falling, HOPE worldwide and the Hong Kong Housing Authority co-organized a campaign known as “Healthy Ageing for the Seniors Living in Public Housing Estates - Elderly Fall Prevention Day.”

Hopkins as a Caring Company for over 10 Consecutive Years

We are very pleased to be recognized, for over ten consecutive years, as a Caring Company in Hong Kong. The mission of the Caring Company Scheme by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service ....

Hopkins Receives the HSBC Living Business Merit Awards for 7 Consecutive Years

Hopkins has the honor to receive the HSBC Living Business Merit Awards for 7 consecutive years. The HSBC awards recognize socially responsible SMEs who have made an outstanding contribution to the environment and community.....

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