Our Community

Fulfilling our Corporate Social Responsibility: Making a Meaningful Impact in the Community

At Hopkins, we take pride in actively engaging in diverse community projects and voluntary initiatives as part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility. Over the past two decades, we have participated in a wide variety of events organized by esteemed partners, making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.

Supporting Elderly Well-being

One of our annual endeavors involves contributing to events such as the Senior Days and the Elderly Fall Prevention Day, organized by Hope Worldwide and the HK Housing Authority. During the Senior Days, our dedicated team of volunteers joins forces with hundreds of like-minded individuals to distribute "Lucky Bags" filled with essential daily necessities to elderly residents living alone in public housing estates. As we connect with these individuals, we lend a compassionate ear and provide much-needed companionship. Additionally, on the Elderly Fall Prevention Day, the Hopkins team help conducting simple fall risk assessments for senior residents in public housing estates. Those identified as high-risk are referred to the social welfare department for comprehensive home assessments and the installation of safety equipment, such as handrails.

Our Involvement in Community Projects

Furthermore, we proudly support initiatives like the Sounds of Silence Project, a powerful partnership between the Hong Kong Police Force and Correctional Services, as well as the Action Smart Campaign, organized by the Hong Kong Police Force. By actively participating in these endeavors, we address the challenges faced by teenagers and work towards safeguarding the elderly from deceptive practices and street crimes.

Making a Difference through Education

In our commitment to caring for our community and environment, we have implemented a unique approach at our center. Every time our students make copies, the proceeds are donated to Hope Worldwide, a faith-based charity founded in 1991 by the International Churches of Christ. Hope Worldwide has been instrumental in bringing hope to the lives of many individuals in Hong Kong and China, particularly through their education programs that provide underprivileged children with access to quality education.

Recognized for Caring

Additionally, we take immense pride in being recognized as a Caring Company for over 15 consecutive years. The Caring Company scheme, sponsored by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, fosters a sense of corporate citizenship and strategic collaboration among businesses, public entities, and social service organizations. This initiative strengthens our commitment to cultivating a caring community and making a lasting positive impact.

At Hopkins, we remain dedicated to making a positive and meaningful impact, as we continue to prioritize our corporate social responsibility, contribute to vital causes, and foster a culture of compassion and community engagement.

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