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Hopkins廿載蛻變 Celebrating 20th Anniversary
Hopkins - Monkeypox
One event succeeds another. COVID-19 is not over yet, monkeypox is spreading again in Europe.
Hopkins - National hug your cat day
The cute appearance of cats has captured the hearts of countless cat lovers. It turns out that many people around the world will celebrate National …
Hopkins - Global Wealth and Lifestyle Report 2022
Julius Baer's Global Wealth and Lifestyle Report 2022, which examines the cost of high-end living around the world, found that Asia remains the most expensive …
Hopkins - Black Friday
Black Friday is on 25th November this year. Are you ready for shopping?
Hopkins - MBA Trivia: The Fish Tank Effect
Hopkins - MBA Trivia: Involution
「內捲」 (involution),亦稱為內捲化效應、過密化、內捲化現象。是近幾年來中國網絡上特別流行的一個用語,並經常與「躺平」一起熱議.....
Hopkins - MBA Trivia: Wine and Sewage Law
管理學中有一個有趣的定律「酒與污水定律」(Wine and Sewage Law),意旨無論將一匙酒倒進一桶污水,還是將一匙污水倒進......
Hopkins - MBA Trivia: Involution (2)
「內捲」 (involution) 一詞是源於美國人類學家 克利福德·格爾茨 (Clifford Geertz) 的著作《農業的內捲化》.....
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