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A Track Record of Success
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What Our Graduates Say?

A Track Record of Success

Richard Longmire Bowns

MA TESOL – Alumni

The course is well managed meaning all I (you) have to do is study. The support staff are extremely helpful and friendly. The assignments are easy to understand, and so much fun to do. Access to the study materials is simple, easy, and intuitive, but it could be more ergonomic, and the pages could load quicker. However, the most important thing I look for as student is a teacher who can make me feel confident enough to reach the next the level.

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Eric Wong

EdD – Alumni

Doctorate in education (EdD) is a program that offers an innovative focus towards advanced study and research, with a focus on valuing professional practice and engaging in applied research in the Learning Environment; Digital Education; as well as Leadership and Organization Transformation in both large and small organization.

It was a good mix of the taught and thesis model. This led me to research many studies pertaining to various aspects of Education dynamics and practically apply the same.

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Tony Cheung

EdD – Alumni

Brittany University offers excellent online learning resources and student support services that facilitated a smooth and rewarding doctoral journey. The program’s high standards and impact-driven approach left me well-placed to recommend it wholeheartedly to professional contacts in education leadership positions across Hong Kong and wider regions. Overall, my EdD equipped me with translatable research skills and perspectives that have proven invaluable in my current role managing education initiatives and driving innovation.

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Rita Chung

M.Ed Alumni

I particularly appreciate the emphasis placed on practical application and real-world experience. In the program, I have had numerous opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills I have acquired in real educational settings, allowing me to bridge the gap between theory and practice in a meaningful way.

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Peter Liew

General Manager
Suzhou Jinghope Hotel Development
My first academic training as a management accountant had served me well in the first 15 years of my career in the hospitality industry. Looking forward, I reckoned my remaining working life required not only academic updates, but to experience and understand the learning environment of my future team members. It took me almost two years to find an MBA program to suit my needs. MBA Syllabus, MBA class timetable, evaluation methods, MBA program accreditation, etc. were my criteria. The UNI MBA Hong Kong program fits my quest well. The MBA program provided me with a wider business vocabulary and a more structured thinking process. Further I find more time to appreciate life and mange my work.

Emil Chan

Managing Director
Greater China Capital
I have more than 20 years administrative and managerial experience of IT as well as back office operations and project management in banking. I was the First Vice President of BayernLB when I was in the MBA program. The nature of my job required me to frequently update my knowledge and catch up with the rapid changing market. I felt that an MBA would further develop my project management and managerial skill and perhaps, widen my exposure from IT and operations in banking to other business areas The MBA program was challenging, with limited prior warning of the amount of time and effort, and required total commitment to finish, especially because I was studying it in part time along my very busy day to day work with frequent traveling between Hong Kong and Shanghai. Out of the topics I learned, I had a much clearer insight in financial analysis, marketing, organization behavior, operations management as well as strategic and project management. I also learned and built a small network from the mix of students who work in different industries. I believe that the program has, in general, enabled me to get prepared for facing the challenges in the future.

Amy Yeung

Charter President
Rotary Club of Elite-Orient Founder and Chief Executive of Heisen Advisory and Amazing Advisory
Receiving my MBA degree through UNI's Hong Kong MBA Program was definitely one of the best learning experiences of my life….. I was impressed with every aspect of the MBA program: the quality of teaching, the time schedule, manageable class times, and sharing and forming friendships with my MBA classmates.

Christian Hau

Wallcat Distribution Co. Ltd.
One of the unique aspects of UNI’s MBA program is that all students have the same class schedule. This helps us develop tight relationships. In fact, many of my classmates have become my good friends! Sharing and learning about different perspectives from my classmates has helped me think outside of the box. Also, the more than 30 solid contact hours that we have with professors is crucial. This interactive sharing is something you cannot get from a book or distance learning.