The University of Northern Iowa

Hopkins has been in collaboration with the University of Northern Iowa to offer its MBA program in Hong Kong since 2000. Over the previous sixteen years, hundreds of MBA graduates and their families and friends have joined the HK Commencement Ceremony. The graduation days mark a distinguished success of graduates for earning their advanced degree and are highly-respected by the University.

It was Hopkin's big honor to have many UNI senior officials to fly to HK and host the ceremonies, including President Koob in 2006, Dean of Graduate College Dr. Susan Koch in 2006, President Ben Allen in 2008, Head of Management Department Dr. Dale Cyphert in 2008, Provost Gibson in 2010, Prof. Terry Hogan, the Vice President for Student Affairs in 2012, and President William N. Ruud in 2015, etc. Of course, Prof. Moussavi, Director of Global Programs and Bradford Chair in International Business, Dean Dr. Wilson, and the Marchal Nancy and Bob Hoffman were in HK for each of these graduation events.

The graduation days record a remarkable achievement for graduates after all the sacrifices and efforts in the past two years. We sincerely congratulate each one of them and wish them all the very best in their future endeavor, both professionally and personally.