Hopkins - MBA Trivia: Lazy Economy

The so-called lazy economy refers to products and services that are designed to save consumers time and energy. That means spending money to buy convenience. The lazy economy is an inevitable phenomenon in modern and high-technological society. "Lazy" reflects the convenience of life brought by high technology and the pressure of life in modern society.

The most life-like example is the "In App Billing" system in mobile games. With money, players can exchange for more powerful equipment or clear levels more quickly. Online shopping is another example. At present, the growth of online shopping sales is even higher than that of the real economy. In China, many businesses will do search for tags with "lazy artifacts" and "lazy essentials" to recommend products that are convenient for lazy people, such as sweeping robots, automatic window cleaners, and automatic shoe polishers.

Although the lazy economy is developing rapidly, there are still many potential problems. For example, the quality of goods or services is difficult to monitor. The scoring system used to monitor quality may also cause many social problems, such as malicious negative ratings.

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