Hopkins - National hug your cat day

The cute appearance of cats has captured the hearts of countless cat lovers. It turns out that many people around the world will celebrate National Hug Your Cat Day. Although no one knows the origin of national Cat Hug Day, many cat lovers will set May 30th or June 4th as national Cat Hug Day every year, and give cat a warm hug. In Taiwan, the Animal Protection Office of the New Taipei City Government will hold the "Holding a Hug Dong Gong Yai" activity at the Houtong Cat Office Preparatory Office from May 30 to June 5 this year. Take a photo and punch in, click the like and upload it to the official Facebook page of the Transmission Security Department, and you can enjoy the discounts of Maocun cooperative stores. Since it is national Cat Hug Day, of course, we have to mention the correct action of hugging cats. When holding a cat, one hand should be placed on the front feet and chest of the cat, and the other hand should support the hind legs and buttocks, so that the cat's whole body can be supported stably, so that the cat can feel at ease. Are you cat lovers ready to celebrate with cat?