Hopkins - MBA Trivia: Yonige-Ya

In Japan, about 100,000 people run away from home without warning every year. They all have different reasons, from escaping debts to marital problems, or to get rid of domestic violence and stalkers. These people who disappeared deliberately without telling anyone where they were going are called "Jouhatsu" in Japan, which means evaporation, but it also refers to people who vanish on purpose into thin air. Because of the potential market needs, a new industry emerged, which is called " Yonige-Ya" in Japanese, which means moving house at night. They specialize in helping people who want to hide and move quickly and get out of their original lives. In other words, this is an industry that helps clients vanish.

Although this industry is called "Yonige-Ya", the move may not necessarily take place at night. The staff at Yonige-Ya will plan a suitable moving time first. Make sure that the moving time is not too long to avoid the danger of being discovered. This kind of company that helps clients vanish can be easily found on the Internet. It is reported that the cost of a single service from US$450 to US$2,600, depending on the number of clients, age, items to be taken, etc...

Starting a new life is not as easy as imagined. From mobile phones to credit cards, they may become clues to track footprints. That's why night moving companies came into being. They professionally assist clients to vanish. Clients only need to prepare their luggage, and the company will help them move overnight and deal with all clues that may be traced to the client.