Effective Approach and Leadership required to Nurture Employees' Loyalty in Fortune 500 Companies

Dr. Stephen King is the Chief Learning Officer at Constellation Energy, a Fortune 200 integrated energy company based in the U.S. He also serves as learning and development consultants for multi-national corporations such as Motorola and FedEx.

Dr. Marsha King is the Managing Vice President, Human Resources, at Capital One Financial, a Fortune 200 financial services firm in the U.S. She has coached some Fortune 500 companies including Nortel Networks, US Postal, Whirlpool, Steelcase, in leadership capability.

Both Dr. Marsha and Stephen King are adjunct faculty at The George Washington University and John Hopkins University. They have extensive experience in organizational leadership, learning, and development, and they are authors of some articles, books, and professional publications.

The seminar attracted around 50 managers and executives from medium to large corporations to attend. We would like to thank The George Washington University, Graduate School of Education and Human Development, for organizing this seminar. Special thanks go to Dr. Marsha King and Stephen King, who conducted this evening session, and shared with our participants on their professional knowledge and experiences.