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New Life Institute of Psychiatric Rehabilitation has been dedicating to disseminating mental health education to the public and providing professional training for practitioners of psychiatric recovery since its establishment in 1997. The aim of the organization is to raise the public awareness on the holistic wellness of body, mind and spirit and reduce the misconception of mental illness.

We are happy to have taken part in the Institute’s flags selling day. The fund raised helps the Institute continue its mission in mental health education for the community and its service users.

News & Events

Hopkins - MBA Trivia: Involution
「內捲」 (involution),亦稱為內捲化效應、過密化、內捲化現象。是近幾年來中國網絡上特別流行的一個用語,並經常與「躺平」一起熱議.....
Prof. Miron Mushkat - Introduction
美國北愛荷華大學(UNI)集結了許多世界級名師,名師薈萃篇 之 Prof.Miron Mushkat。
UNI Cocktail Reception 2015

To celebrate Prof. William Ruud taking up the 10th Presidency of UNI and the graduates who completed all the hard work and achieved their degree.....

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